Tuesday, June 10, 2008

That Was Quick

As you may remember, I recently applied for my US Passport. That was on May 23rd. I went out to get the mail and sure enough I got my passport today. That is less than 3 weeks from application to receipt!


Three weeks to get my passport is very quick, considering it took about 8 weeks to get my last Canadian Passport. However, I'm sure that almost any situation would be better and less stressful than getting that last passport.

One thing that I am very curious about is the fact that I have a U.S. Electronic Passport, which basically means that it has an embedded RFID chip. I just wonder if it is safe.

I must say though that the artwork and stylings of this passport are great, the pages look great compared to older model US Passports. Every page has a different picture depicting US history/life including the Statue of Liberty, Native American Art, and an homage to the Space Program. It is pretty neat. The cover is a little thicker than your average passport, but the front cover design is the same as the older passports with the exception of the RFID symbol.



Luke Mundy said...

I love my passport! Just holding makes me feel like I'm headed somewhere interesting!

Anonymous said...

The time it takes your passport depends when you apply for it. I applied for CAN passport in August and recieved it in 2 weeks.More demand, faster process