Monday, June 23, 2008

More Smart News

I received an email from my Smart Dealership in San Jose today letting me know that my car has now been built and will very shortly be on its way from Europe to Long Beach, CA. From now until it arrives at the dealership is from 30-40 days, and I'm sure this last month is going to kill me. I am really excited to finally get my car.

From this information I am pegging the date right around the end of July or the very beginning of August. That would put it right around my brother Andrew's birthday.

Just some more information for those that might not believe the Smart Car is that safe. Here is an exerpt from a forum post at Smart USA(insider):

Driving on I95 in CT a car on the exit ramp decided to cut back into traffic. He hit the car next to me, who then slammed into me . My car hit the guard rail
(at 70 mph) and bounced off like a ping pong ball, rolling three times before hitting the opposite guardrail (which then flipped me right side up). Thank god I was wearing my seatbelt, and driving this amazing car. I opened the door and stepped out. Very shaken, but not hurt. I'm a little stiff now, but other than that I'm perfectly fine... MY SMART SAVED MY LIFE!!! - evilbean42

Check out some pictures here.


Luke Mundy said...

I'm a little worried you're taking car advice from a guy named "evilbean!"

Luke said...

Good point...

anna said...

hi Luke,

first off, nice blog. I stumbled upon it via your Twitter avatar -- i, too, am expecting my bumblebee smart very soon (i received my 30-40 day email on Mother's Day). i can't wait for if the wait before being notified wasn't long enough!

i've already seen a yellow/black smart in our neighborhood -- with yours that would make at least three of us with bees. (well, i'm assuming yours will be black and yellow!)

bonne chance -- try not to drive yourself crazy with the wait!

a fellow smartie in Fresno

Anonymous said...

This was originally post at Smart Car of America.

Kathy Moritz said...

You must be so excited! Remember, I still might get to decide whether or not you can drive it once it arrives...I am still your mother! LOL :) Thanks for relieving my concerns about your safety!