Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bulldogs are Champions

If you are from Fresno, you undoubtedly already know this, but the Fresno State Men's Baseball team won the 2008 NCAA Div I National Title in the College World Series.

This is a big feat. First, this is the first national title any men's team from Fresno State has ever won. Second, it is the lowest seeded team to get into the CWS since it expanded in 1999. Third, it is one of, if not the lowest ranked/seeded team to ever win a national title in all of American college sports history. So I would say they did an outstanding job.

One of the phrases being tossed around the city tonight, and over the past week has been "Underdog Wonderdogs" or some variant of that. They are truly the diamonds of our hearts here in this city.

Check out the newswire article on the win.

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