Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Informative Traffic Lights

I like this idea of having traffic lights that actually tell you how much longer the light is going to be Red/Yellow/Green. It gives drivers a little more information and I think it could potentially reduce the number of red lights being ran. (Speculation of course).

Back in Edmonton, AB, Canada (where I'm from originally) there are a number of intersections that have warning lights a few hundred meters back that flash to alert the driver if they are going to hit a red light or if they will be safe for a green light. As a driver that helped me plan my driving a little better, and it got me much more in the mindset of slowing down in preparation for the red light, even if it looked green ahead. I think if most intersections had this it would start to train people to slow down much earlier for lights, and has the potential to save gas by reducing the amount we would have to slam on our brakes.

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