Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stamp Collecting

Working at Target has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people, both in the form of the guests that I serve everyday as well as my fellow team members that I interact with regularly. One such team member I am going to tell you about today is Larry.

Larry is a 50something heavy-set Armenian man with a salt-and-pepper ponytail in the back of his head. He works in the Garden Center at my store and is one of those guys who is really nice, but you still probably don't want to mess with him. Larry, along with working with plants and fountains all day long at Target is an avid stamp collector.

Larry enjoys finding out about people, and if you aren't careful you can spend entirely too much time just chatting with the guy. One time while talking with Larry he found out that I am of German heritage. He then told me that he would bring me some stamps from Germany. I said ok, and about a week later I found a bag on my desk with at least a hundred stamps inside part of a number of collections. These stamps are mostly from Germany and some even as old as WWII era.


I was quite surprised, but made a point to thank Larry for the stamps. About a week later, another bag appeared on my desk with even more stamps, many German, some from the era of the DDR, as well as some random stamps. Again, I was surprised and thanked Larry.


After finding out that I bought a scooter, Larry said, I've got just the stamp for you, and sure enough on my desk a few days later I find a stamp from Israel with a caricature riding a scooter.


So now, after years of not collecting stamps, I've got myself a small little stamp collection with very little effort on my part.

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maddie said...

That is AWESOME! I love people like Larry, they make the world a better place.