Thursday, June 19, 2008

AFI 10 Top 10

On Tuesday night, Andrew and I were watching the AFI 10 Top 10 movie list. It was interesting for two reasons.

  1. Trying to guess which 10 categories they would use, and
  2. Which movies would be placed in each category
Overall, I was satisfied, but there were a few things I thought were pretty ridiculous.

  • In the sports category, they left out Rudy.
  • In the western category, they left out Tombstone.
  • No Comedy category, they only had a Romantic Comedy category.
  • No Horror category.
  • No War category.
  • They did have a Courtroom Drama category, I don't think there are enough courtroom drama movies, let alone good courtroom drama movies to have a whole category dedicated to it. Sure the #1 movie (To Kill a Mockingbird) deserved that spot, but come on.
  • The Epic category was too broad to have any good comparisons.
That's my review of the show.

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