Sunday, June 15, 2008

Taking Advantage of High Gas Prices

I've discussed before about people moving away from low gas mileage vehicles as gas prices climb steadily higher. This got me thinking about ways that one could Take advantage of that.

If people are getting rid of these vehicles it would seem smart to go into business doing something with these vehicles. Some ideas I've come up with include recycling/reusing parts for more environmentally friendly purposes, retrofitting them for low/no emissions, and turning them into some sort of amusement park ride.

Do you have any ideas?


Anonymous said...


If I may, I'd like to write my thought about recent high gas prices. As you already indicated that gas prices have been increasing since last year. Some people say that it would be contribute to protect the environment/nature because people may not use vhicles such as buses, cars, and autmobiles. If people did not use those vhicles, the temperatures would not go up. However, I was thinking about this kind of an issue before and it was like there are some other factors are triggered to this problem. (I am not an active environmentist so I do not think that there are advantages of high gas prices) If peope who live in the third world are working at car company as blue colors and making vhicles, they may not some people want to find out advantages of high gas prices for environment because if they do, those blue colors loose thier jobs. We usually think about the good things from one way especially about environement, but I do think that we have to think about both issues about environment like how does solution might impact to the third world...

Now in Japan, we are looking forward to find the natural resources like metal, diamond, and gas in Africa by trading our knowledge of technologies.

If many politicians support high gas prices in Japan, Japanese cannot gain those natural resources, and these politicians may lose thier seats at the next elections. Obviously, people need to birng them back to Japan by using fossile fuel vhiecles.

Anyway, sorry for many writing on your comment, but it was interesting to read your topic and blog. let me keep read your blog.

Thank you very much.

Luke said...

Thank you for leaving a comment, Makoto.

You have a very good point, with any kind of change in our world/economy their are both positive and negative changes. Like you said, if people stop driving big vehicles, the people making them will no longer have a job doing this. However, people will still need transportation and this shift away from large vehicles can create opportunities in other industries for these people.

I think this is where both the private and public sectors in these third world countries that you mention can make a difference. They need to be proactive in creating jobs in other industries that are more sustainable and have better long term chances of survival.

Thank you again for your comment, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog.