Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dinner Last Night

Since getting my HD Television, I've really enjoyed watching PBS HD (especially since I don't have cable or satellite). One of the great things about PBS and especially PBS HD is that there are a number of good cooking shows, which have given me numerous ideas for meals. The other night I was watching a show on PBS HD called Lidia's Italy which is all about Italian food and how to cook it. I love Italian food, and watching this show inspires me to no end. On this episode was a dish called Neapolitan Macaroni & Cheese. It looked really good.

If you've watched PBS shows you'll know that they often link to the website for more information on what they are discussing at the moment. Lidia's Italy links to their website for more info and recipes, I figured they would have the recipe available on the website. They did not. I searched the web and someone with a DVR figured out the recipe after multiple watchings of the episode. I used the recipe, and with the help of my roommates made the dish last night. It turned out quite well, and it is definitely a keeper.

I paired the dish with a Chardonnay from Sutter Home's Fre label. Fre is their alcohol removed wine. I wanted to try it and see how it compared to real wine. It was definitely more "juicy", fairly sweet, and very smooth. It worked fairly well with the dish.

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