Sunday, June 01, 2008

Honestly, I'm not Texting.

With a great phone comes great responsibility, or at least it seems that way. My new phone can do so much that I feel the rest of the world isn't ready for it.

I have two bible translations on my phone and I use them especially in Church. I enjoy not having to lug around my large bible when I go, especially when I'm riding my scooter to Church. This has the problem of it looking like I'm texting in Church. It might actually be more of an issue for me than other people looking at me, but I just feel guilty even if I'm just following along with the scripture reading.

Similarly, Ben Terrett of Noisy Decent Graphics is suffering from the same issue in meetings where he is taking notes using his iPhone. He feels like he needs to start every meeting off with an apology if he needs to use his phone for note taking.

Should we have to apologize for using technology around people? Is it just necessary to apologize to the people that aren't as technology savvy as us or as trusting of us?

What do you think?

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