Saturday, June 07, 2008

Logo Universality

I probably won't comment a lot on logos, but one of the things I strongly believe in as far as logos go is it should be as universal as possible.

I don't mean this in a sense of being attractive to all people, but rather through all forms of media. Especially in a time of all types of guerrilla marketing campaigns we see logos in all sorts of places from clouds to rooftops to tatoos a logo needs to be recognizable in whatever form it manifests itself.

The more detail in a logo, the more difficult it is to use in different forms of media. I think you will find the most recognizable and valuable logos and brand symbols are normally the most basic. Take my beloved Target logo, it works almost anywhere, and recently was chosen as the best logo.

I was reminded of this idea I have when I read this post about DirecTV updating their logo to be shinier and more 3-D. Sure it might look good in the limited number of places where the logo can be viewed in all its glory, but if they were to use it in any number of places where they would have to "dumb down" their logo, it would be all for none.

I think a big a part of why this is important is because if you have to change your logo for the medium, it means you don't have a consistent logo and therefore your brand image is more difficult to keep up.

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