Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Website Recommendation - Perry Bible Fellowship

While the title of this site might be a little misleading, Perry Bible Fellowship is another online comic strip. These comics, unlike Spamusement are fairly well drawn and are usually multi-pane.

What is so special about these comics is the "punchlines," which are some of the most random you will come across. As well, for some the humor is hidden deep within and it takes a read or two before you fully understand the comic. (Or maybe it just does for me). These comics aren't for everybody and a few have themes inappropriate for children.

Often times you will think the comic is going somewhere entirely different and then it will just smack you in the face with funny. They even have a book on amazon for sale with comics from the website and original ones.

Here are a couple of classics.

Todays My Birthday

Magic Eyes

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Luke Mundy said...

Wow... that was incredible. Yes, a bit risque at times, but amazing.