Thursday, April 03, 2008


I should explain some background to the last two posts.

My brother Andrew and I took a sort of spur of the moment trip to San Jose, CA on Tuesday.

Our goal was to go to IKEA in Palo Alto and we pretty much decided the night before that we would go. If you've never been to IKEA you really don't know what you are missing until you go. It's one of my two favorite stores in the world (I'll try and let you guess what the other is).

We left at about 9am, and got to IKEA around 11:30am. Previously we went to Sacramento and the IKEA there, but we decided to try a different city this time around. The drive to San Jose is a little longer than to Sacramento, but the drive is much nicer. The problem with driving up to Sacramento is that its pretty much just a straight shot up highway 99, which can get boring (as you know if you've ever made the trip).

I bought a lot of random stuff, and fortunately did not spend as much money as I did last time I went. This time my bill was only about $115. I purchased some side tables, pillows/shams, and various kitchen items. Andrew and I were seriously considering buying a new kitchen table and chairs, but we decided not to because we already have a decent set.

On our way back to Fresno, we made it a fairly leisurely trip, stopping at some stores and various eating establishments, including the restaurants from the two posts I posted on the way back.

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