Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today's Bike Ride

I decided to go on another bike ride today even though the temperature here in Fresno was supposed to be only 65 degrees F (its actually at 66 degrees right now, so there).

This was one of the longest bike rides I've ever been on, partly because I apparently missed one of the roads I was planning on turning on, and just kept going. I had a basic route planned out before I left because I wanted to do some North Fresno exploring to see parts of the city I haven't seen before.

It was a lovely bike ride nonetheless, and I got to do a lot of rural road bike riding, which I hadn't really done either before. Google Maps says my total trip was around 12.5 miles (partly an estimate because I took a non-road bike path for part of the trip.)

Here is the route I took for my bike trip. (Courtesy of Google Maps)

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