Saturday, April 12, 2008

Building Trust

Seth Godin has been posting lately with some themed posts. I find this concept very interesting, and I think he's absolutely right, that to fully interact with someone (whether it be for business, church, or something as simple as a friendship) it is so vital and important to build trust. It could be a potential customer, a visitor to your church or a new friend, a certain level of trust must be there for the relationship to grow and last.

This trust doesn't have to be earned through personal interaction and being a trustworthy person (although that definitely can help), it is about your audiences perceptions of everything. These perceptions relate to honesty, experience, knowledge, skill, basically every part of your interaction with your target audience.

It is a fairly simple idea, how someone perceives you or your organization is going to determine his or her attitudes toward you and the level of comfort of interaction.

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