Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Website Recommendation - Kayak

There are many gems that can be found on the Internet, but part of the problem is the sheer size and magnitude of the web. As this blog progresses I will share with you websites that I use/enjoy/find interesting so you too can share in the joy I experience. I am not sponsored by any of these websites or companies and will always disclose any such conflicts of interest. (Of course, this may not include any Google Ads that appear on my page)

Today's website recommendation is Kayak the travel search website.

I use this website almost exclusively for travel search on the Internet. It uses a very simple interface and searches a large number of travel retailers on the Internet. My two favorite things about this site is its comprehensive list of flights and prices and the search result filtering.

Kayak.com searches both the websites of airlines and travel booking companies such as Orbitz.com and Expedia.com. As Kayak.com is not a place for purchasing travel but merely a search site, it gives you results from all these websites and gives you the prices of your travel request from these websites. So whether you want to book your flight from the airline itself to earn extra frequent flyer miles or maybe you want to use Orbitz.com because of the OrbitzTLC you can find out the price of each.

With all the search results the filtering functions in Kayak are very useful. Sliders, checkboxes, and tabs allow filtering for almost every aspect of the trip. This makes finding that perfect flight much easier.

Try it next time you're booking flights or a vacation.

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