Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Droste Effect

This is a pretty cool concept, as one of my favorite past times is contemplating the infinite.

The droste effect is where packaging of a product features a picture of the packaging within the artwork.

Not only is this neat because of the whole "implied infinity" thing, but it also allows a product to pay homage to itself, and is kind of an advertisement for itself.

Via (AdFreak and BoingBoing)


Adrian said...

Oh I like that! I didn't know there was a name for it. I suppose if I were the first to blog about it I could call it the Rodriguez Effect. Well, anyway. I'm not sure, though, t that this box technically has the effect because it has another package, albeit same product, on it. Or, maybe I'm not seeing the box?

Luke said...

You're right Adrian, this might not be the BEST example, but it still does work. The sailor guy is holding a box of cracker jacks (which isn't exactly the same as the actual box). However, this small box does have a picture of the sailor, which in turn is holding another, smaller, box of cracker jacks.