Sunday, April 27, 2008

Website Recommendation - Chromasia

I love taking pictures, as I've mentioned before. I also really enjoy looking at pictures, as I think this can give a person many good ideas for their own photography, in a kind of inspiring way.

One of my favorite photography blogs is Chromasia, which is a photo blog created by David Nightingale from Blackpool, England.

Not only are the pictures amazing, but if you subscribe to the feed for his picture blog, he adds a lot of great commentary on photography, photo manipulation, photography ethics, and many other interesting subjects.

Blackpool is on the coast in England, and as such many of his photographs are of the beach, pier and other coastal subjects, but he also takes a lot of photos of his adorable children, buildings, and interesting people of his city. Recently he has been posting a lot of HDR images, which give his photos even more of a dream like quality to them.

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