Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vehicle Resale Value

I've been thinking lots about the resale value of vehicles lately. Somewhat spurred by my scooter purchase but also because of gas prices. I have been thinking that the resale value of my scooter should stay somewhat high over the next few years because I really do think that scooters are going to become somewhat popular. This is reassuring to me because if I do move somewhere for my job and my scooter becomes less useful or I do end up needing to sell it (which I hope doesn't happen) I won't be out too much money.

Part of the reason I think this about my scooter is because of rising gas prices. I don't think gas prices will be coming down permanently and the only place they have to go is further up. People moving to scooters because of rising gas prices will mean they will be generally getting away from vehicles that use more gas. RVs and Motorhomes have been at the forefront of this thought for me, but now I'm seeing articles like this from USAToday where even vehicles like SUVs are suffering from dropping resale values.

It's tough because this isn't a zero sum game (disclaimer: I'm not an economist so I could potentially be using this term incorrectly) and like the stock market you can lose your money just because the thing you own doesn't have as much value.

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