Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I visited the California Department of Motor Vehicles today to get my motorcycle permit for my scooter. Here are a few observations.

-I rode my bicycle there and sure enough they don't have a bike racks to lock up a bike. I wonder if this is to encourage the use of motor vehicles?

-Instead of giving numbers (1 through whatever) out they use a system whereby your ticket has a letter (a through h) and then a three digit number. Mine was G006. There did not appear to be a logical reason for the different letters other than making you feel like you were much closer to being called than you were. It seemed like there was no order to the letters being called, but I think people are more likely to pay more attention to the number and therefore they think they are closer to being called.

-I had to go up to various windows 6 times in my visit just to get my motorcycle permit. There must be a more efficient way.

-I really enjoyed the voice calling out the ticket numbers. I think it reminded me of train station voices in Europe.

I am currently having issues with my DSL here at home. I will be able to post more detail about my scooter including more pictures when that gets sorted out.

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