Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Terrible Decision by United Airlines

In what seems to be a cost-saving move by United Airlines, they have changed their policy for earning frequent flyer miles.

According to their press release/email today "Beginning July 1, 2008, for flights of less than 500 miles, passengers will earn redeemable miles equal to the actual miles flown."

This differs from their current policy (and the policy of most airlines) that any flights less than 500 miles a minimum of 500 frequent flyer miles will be earned. Especially living in a small city like Fresno, having a minimum of 500 miles with any flight is great because most flights out of Fresno (it seems) are less than 500 miles.

I really hope that other airlines don't follow suit, but I would guess that this would be likely. Hopefully customers vote with their pocketbooks and fly other airlines for these shorter flights, and maybe, just maybe United will reverse their decision.

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