Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Scooter Fun

While I continue to see more bloggers discussing their new scooters and how awesome they are, I begin to see news stories regarding how popular they are becoming and how fuel efficient they are.

A few things that I have noticed about scooters have also appeared in articles and blog posts.

  • Scooters save me a lot of money in gas and I'm convinced mine will pay for itself in a year or two, especially with gas prices rising.
  • Riding a scooter makes my drive much more of a pleasure than when I drive my car. As well, since my scooter doesn't go much faster than 40mph it tends to make me much more patient (which doesn't happen too often in my car).
  • I am making a statement while driving my scooter. Both from the gas-saving/environmentally friend aspect, but also right now, as I consider myself somewhat of an early adopter, I am different than most (in a good-way of course).
  • Often when I park my scooter in a public place people will approach me with all kinds of questions about costs, gas mileage, top speed. People are always left very intrigued about the possibility of themselves buying a scooter.
What can we take from this from a marketing perspective? If your product is different and useful, or at least perceived different and useful, it will likely create its own buzz. I don't think I've ever seen a TV commercial, newspaper/magazine ad, or live event sponsored by a scooter. Circumstances (like gas prices) are of course helping sales, but marketers need to take advantage of this. One thing that circumstances helping sales is causing is word of mouth. This kind of marketing situation has momentum and I think it will only pick up from here.


mari said...

Hello there!
I totally can appreciate your blog!
I see that you got a Yamaha C3..I was contemplating on that one myself. However, I ended up getting a Vino 125. So much fun, isn't it!

(And Practical!)

Luke said...

@mari The Vino 125 was one that I was considering too. I definitely like the look of that one as well.

You're right, if I had to use 2 words to describe a scooter they would be fun and practical! Now we just need to see if Fresno has a Scooter Club.

mari said...

There are scooter clubs, but they appear to be more for the Italian scooters.

Maybe we should just start our own?!?