Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Smart Car is Coming

I got an email today from the manager of the San Jose Smart Center dealership, and he informed me that my car is now in production in Germany. This is very exciting because this means my car is going to be here (relatively) soon. He mentioned in his email that it will be about 2-3 months before it arrives, but they will keep me updated with any news.

Using my extensive mathematics skills I figured out that 2-3 months translates to somewhere between July 11th and August 11th. This is exciting because the delivery estimator on had originally told me between August and October. I looked again at the delivery estimator and it is now giving me an "Estimated ETA date" of 6/6/08 and 9/4/08. So all I know is that I SHOULD have my new car before Christmas.

And one thing that has me a little worried is the "Estimated ETA Date" because it's an estimate of an estimate, and that doesn't give me any confidence in the date range.

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maddie said...

Yeeeah! I saw one on the freeway on my way to Sacramento last weekend, I thought of you.