Saturday, September 20, 2008

Positive Politics

I think non-negative politics would be another good name to call this, but it doesn't have the alliteration backing it up.

I honestly think, from a marketing perspective, that the candidate who decided to take a completely high road and feature ONLY happy, upbeat, and generally positive campaign commercials would be a hands down winner in the upcoming US Presidential election.

Especially with where the US is sitting right now from a financial, economical, military, and energy standpoint, good news and hope coming from a candidate would spell certain victory.

How can a person watch this video and not just think happy thoughts about Obama? It's upbeat and (as far as I can tell with my VERY limited spanish knowledge) quite positive, with no negative slams against anyone.

Even campaigning is all about marketing a candidate to the people. People might think that "marketing" was more important in the past when a voters only opportunity to experience a candidate may have been through a leaflet or poster and this single encounter was paramount. However, even now with technology and media as pervasive as it is, marketing a candidate is even more important. I firmly believe that marketing is about any exposure or interaction with an entity that has the opportunity to affect the opinion of someone else. Whether it is a commercial, a speech, a news story, or a blog post, marketing is happening in politics just like in the business world, often times not under the control of the organization with the product or service. This means that the exposure you are in charge of must exemplify your position with unwaivering steadfast resolution. Of course, there will always be naysayers, but as long as you can stand firm on what you stand for you can probably drown them out.

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