Friday, September 12, 2008

Edmonton, Festival City

As I had the awesome opportunity to spend this past weekend in my favorite city in the world, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I was strongly reminded how much I love the city where I was born and grew up. It is only in part to the fact that I have a lot of friends and family that I love Edmonton so much. Here are a list of my favorite things about Edmonton.

  • The River Valley (longest stretch of connected urban parkland in North America)
  • Climate
  • Culture (Including nightlife, festivals, and museums)
  • Oilers/Eskimos
  • Walkability of areas
  • Architecture
Of course, I think I definitely learned to appreciate all this stuff much more since leaving Edmonton, and it makes me want to get back that much more. Here is a post I came across about a similar thought experiment.

If you were to leave your city/area what would you miss the most?


Kathy Moritz said...

I hope you're not too disappointed that we took you out of Edmonton. I think the opportunities you've had make you appreciate even more what you left. You actually did grow up there, where your brothers did their growing up and finishing high school in California. I miss the city of Edmonton (at times) but not the climate. I like the heat!

The only thing I miss about leaving Central California is my boys...and maybe the warmer winters.

Luke said...

No, I'm not at all disappointed that I was taken out of Edmonton. Like I kind of mentioned, it often takes leaving a place to actually realize how awesome it in fact is. Plus, I wouldn't have had all the great experiences that California has offered me had I stayed in Edmonton.

Plus, I was an adult when we moved!