Friday, February 27, 2009

Pepsi Natural

I twittered the other day that I was trying/drinking the new Pepsi Natural.

I wanted to give you a bit of a summary of my experience, in case you were thinking about or hoping to try this new product from Pepsi.

First off, I bought a 4-pack, like most things I buy, from Target. I paid $4.49 (plus deposit and tax, not including my discount).

My first impressions were positive. Glass bottle, fairly natural looking 4-pack carrier, and minimalist bottle design.

It does utilize the new logo I blogged about back in October, whether good or bad it is a personal choice.

The color of the soda itself is not as dark, which adds to the perception of natural. As you can see by the packaging, the Pepsi is made with sparkling water, sugar, and kola nut extract. It doesn't taste exactly like Pepsi, and I'm not sure I'm the best person to be talking about the taste of Cola's because I'm not sure I could even differentiate between Pepsi and Coke (just because I don't really care). It does seem to have a lighter taste and experience in your mouth. It doesn't have the same acidic taste I am used to when drinking cola. The carbonation is a lot lighter as well.

Overall I like it. I am not completely sure if the natural ingredients mean it is actually healthier but for the amount I actually drink soda if it was healthier I would probably drink this more often.

Check out these two articles on new Pepsi products using sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

UK Times Online
Chicago Tribune

I actually haven't been able to find a lot of information on this new Pepsi Natural.

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