Tuesday, February 03, 2009

How To Spot A Canadian

I just found this website which is amazing, especially being a Canadian-American, so many of these things ring true, with a little satire and humor added for effect.

www.howtospotacanadian.ca is exactly what it sounds like, a website/blog dedicated to distinguishing Canadians (and mainly their differences from Americans).

Some memorable quotes I found:

They have spent their entire lives defining themselves as "Not American" and some guy in France is not going to screw this up for them!

Only in Canada would a soulless, multi-national corporation easily become a symbol of national pride. A Tim Hortons doughnut is like American apple pie. It's a fixture of Canadian culture.

Canadians don't care about their own politics; only 59.1% of Canadians turned out to vote in the country's last election. It was the lowest voter turnout in history. But that Canadian apathy did not spread into US politics. Nope, Canadians held parties to celebrate the US election.

It reminds me a lot of Stuff White People Like but with the twist of being about Canadians.

I like it because I can relate to a lot of the topics, and it is basically what I was doing with my "Canadianism of the Week" in my Life of Luke newsletter.

Via The Presurfer

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