Friday, February 27, 2009

Is Marketing Evil?

Check out Seth Godin's recent post as to whether marketing is evil.

The answer, in a nutshell, is that it can be. Just like almost everything in the world, marketing can be used for evil purposes. This doesn't mean, however, that marketing is inherently evil.

I have found that especially with some Christians I have met, they cringe at the word marketing when it relates to Church and God. I strongly believe that marketing can be good, and used for good purposes.

I would also recommend checking out Church Marketing Sucks post on Seth's post. I really loved the quote:
Those who think the church should never be involved in marketing by
saying we aren't "selling" a product etc. should let that sentence
marinate. While I understand the word "sell" is tough to swallow isn't
selling about consuming and don't we want people to consume the Word
and who Christ is?
In the end, I think the key is what you market. If the thing you are marketing is good (like God) is there a way that it can be marketed poorly or bad? Marketing, like Seth Godin says, is all about telling a story, and as long as you are telling the truth your marketing is just an extension of the thing you are marketing.


David (Marketing Integrity) said...

I contend that churches are marketing whether they think they are or not. If we are doing as Jesus told us to and being his representative then we are employing marketing because we are telling His story. Churches that contend they are not marketing are therefore not doing "great commission" work!

Luke said...


I completely agree with you. I guess it all comes down to one's definition of marketing, and I think most people's issues have to do with their narrow definition.