Monday, July 07, 2008


Whenever I think of redundancy, I think of the Department of Redundancy Department. This usually stirs up emotions of inefficiency and as I've said before, I like efficiency.

I came across something that made me think twice about always being efficient, or maybe better put, efficiency as it relates to redundancy.

As I was viewing my shopping cart at IKEA's website I came across this little jewel.

Look at the text at the top below the word "quantity" it says "To delete an item, change quantity to "0" and click "update," but upon further investigate there is also a delete button right beside the quantity. To actually delete an item using the instructions given you have to move your mouse right next to the delete button.

With this redundancy, I don't think any of IKEA's customers are going to be frustrated trying delete something from their shopping cart. And while you usually don't want someone deleting something from their shopping cart, you definitely don't want to make anything in your process frustrating.

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