Thursday, July 17, 2008

Most Walkable Cities/Neighborhoods

This may be surprising to any of you Fresnans, but Fresno is one of the most walkable cities in the country. Well, actually it is ranked 19th in the top 40 largest cities in the USA according to Walk Score, but that is in the top half. This is kind of depressing, cause Fresno is literally one of the worst cities I've ever been to (spent time in) for walking. I guess that is just part of our American culture, which could easily start changing with rising gas prices.

We are in great California company at this ranking, with Sacramento, San Jose, and San Diego all within a few ratings points of each other. Fresno's most walkable neighborhoods include Central, Fresno-High, and Hoover.

Via World Changing


luke mundy said...

I'm with you... Fresno sucks for walking. When Sarah and I want to take a walk we DRIVE to Fig Garden.

maddie said...

woot woot! Fresno High!

Christopher said...

Sure. But did you see the most walkable neighborhoods? Fresno High? Downtown? 2 areas I'd rather not walk. Also, how'd SF make #1, some of those hills are not walkable. Obviously, that was not the top walkable cities for lazy people list.