Friday, July 18, 2008

The Long Wait is Almost Over

It's been a rollercoaster ride up to this point, but I'm glad it is almost over. I got an email today from smart center San Jose (the Smart Car dealership to which I've been assigned) telling me that my car has finally arrived at the dealership.

This is not only exciting because I will be getting my car very soon, but also because it fits with a fairly weird pattern.

It seems like every big jump forward with my reservation process has occurred right around (within a few days of) me getting really antsy or excited. For example, I was still just in the reservation process and hadn't placed my confirmation order, when I was really frustrated and started looking at other cars. A day or two later I get my confirmation email and place my order. These last few times, the next step has occurred right after diving really deep into researching different things about my new car. Yesterday I was trading emails with someone here in Fresno who had just picked up their Smart Car, and it was getting me really excited about my own.

I guess my Smart Car and me are just meant to be.


Matt said...

Will you have a "no-eating" policy in your car, like Ted and Marshall on How I Met Your Mother?

Luke said...

Well, Marshall's policy was "no food, not even groceries" and that is pretty ridiculous, so probably not that same rule. We'll have to see.