Friday, July 25, 2008

Musings about my new Smart Car

I originally posted this on my smart USA(insider) blog.

The following is a quick list of a bunch of the stuff I've noticed since I've got my new Smart Car

-This car is the least expensive WOW factor car on the market
-The doors require a tiny extra muscle to close them
-I still head to the middle of the car to reach the outside door handle, even though the handle is at the back
-My Smart Radio 10 is seriously bumping
-The "D" automatic mode is probably better to use during the break-in period
-The most annoying question I get from people is "How much does it cost to fill up the gas tank?" How is that question even remotely relevant?
-My sunshade suffers from an apparently common problem where it comes free of the track on one side, and it does that even when I put it back in. The dealership already told me they are ordering me a new one.
-The financing application from is apparently not very accurate. It declined my loan, but the dealership was able to get me a great rate anyways.
-The drivers seat doesn't go all the way back, but this allows the two seats to be staggered
-The turning radius is amazingly small, something like 28ft
-The seat belt tensioning device is the most responsive I've ever seen
-The plastic panels seem to collect a lot of dust, I've already purchased a car duster
-There are a few annoying blind spots, but upon further investigation, not much is able to hide in those blind spots, so its not such a big deal
-The car feels a lot bigger inside than it looks outside, this creates interesting conversation when you are 6'3"
-I haven't been asked about its safety as much as I was anticipating
-Closing the glass hatch in the back seems to create a lot of fingerprints
-This car is worth the 5 years I've been waiting for Smart Car to come to the USA

I'll probably come up with more as I continue to drive my car.

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