Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Mistake

So, I made a mistake last night. Now don't get the wrong idea, I make them all the time, but I think this one will stick out for a while.

I was closing my store last night, and letting all my team members out. Everything was normal, I waited around for a couple minutes to make sure my team members left alright. I headed over to a friend's house where there was a small New Year's party going on. About 5 minutes before midnight I got a phone call from someone in security at my store. Apparently I had locked the doors and left the store with one of my team members still inside all alone.

I obviously waited till after the ball dropped, but I headed back to my store to lock the store back up and reset the alarm (as he had left through one of the fire exits).


1 comment:

maddie said...

..the team member knows when the store closes, where were they?? Not completely your fault. But I did this once, with a patron (!!!) at the rec center. Talk about whooops.