Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nothing Good Happens After 2AM

One of my favorite Shows, How I Met Your Mother has an episode in Season 1 that is entitled "Nothing Good Happens After 2AM". I was watching part of it last night (well before 2AM) and it got me thinking.

Assuming this rule is true, when during the late night/early morning does this rule cease to apply?

Is it for the rest of the day, allowing only 2 hours of a day that good things can happen?
Is there another hour of the morning that ends to time period?
Does the time vary throughout the year, based on the rising of the sun?
Is it based on when you go to bed and then wake up?

I think this rule needs a little tweaking to accommodate an end time where good things can start happening again.


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Krystle said...

I am always working at 2AM...i think that is "good" as far as I am being a helpful member of society instead of partying and what not...I think also the term "good" should be defined...