Thursday, December 18, 2008

High Speed Rail and Fresno

I haven't talked about High Speed Rail for a while, so it is time again. The California High Speed Rail Blog has had a few interesting articles recently about one of the first steps for the CAHSR, the Central Valley Test Track Part 1. This is basically a test track that will eventually be a part of the train route through the valley helping the HSR authority test trains, develop rules and regulations, and develop strategies for technical issues such as seismic activity and any route sharing that might exist. Part 2 proposes some ideas more specifically to the route of the test track (and then eventually the actual route with stations, etc.).

A couple of thoughts on this:
  • Transit planning is very interesting to me, especially since I am learning a lot as I read some of these articles
  • Long term planning is both extraordinarily important and difficult.
  • Some of these people making these plans (especially related to personal vehicle travel) seem to be on the wrong path
  • I think (and hope) train travel will become as commonplace here (especially in California) as it is in Europe
  • These transit projects will require a lot of planning and work to get completed, and it will be very exciting to see all the changes it will bring.
Here are some other articles (8.2mb pdf, and 20.15mb pdfabout the future of transportatin in the valley and Fresno region.

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