Thursday, June 12, 2008

Much More Exciting than iPhone 3G

At least it is to me.

I'm just sad that I didn't find out about this sooner, because it has apparently been on the HTC website for a few months now.

Introducing the new HTC Touch Diamond!

As you may know, I recently bought the HTC Touch, which was the original touch based cell phone, released even before the iPhone. I really like my phone, but I almost wish I didn't find out about this Touch Diamond until I was ready to get a new phone.

Looking at some of the features of this phone is making me drool (almost literally). Since the iPhone 3G will be the best phone to compare with, I will give you some examples of the Touch Diamond's features compared to the iPhone 3G.

Touch Diamond vs (iPhone 3G)

-102mmx51mmx11.35mm (115.5x62.1x12.3)
-2.8in screen (3.5in screen)
-480x640 px (480x320 px)
-110g (133g)
-3G (3G)
-3.2MP Camera (2.0MP Camera)
-Secondary Camera in front (No secondary Camera)
-Video Recording (No Video Recording)
-Resistive & Capacitive Touch Inputs (Capacitive & Resistive Inputs)
-528MHz Processor (620MHz processor underclocked to 412MHz)
-4GB Internal Storage (8GB or 16GB of Internal Storage)
-G-Sensor for screen orientation (Accelerometer/Proximity/Ambient Light sensor)

So these are the basic features of both, obviously they run on different OS platforms. The HTC Touch Diamond is by no means the hands-down winner, but at least for what I am looking for it wins out. I would say my top reasons are 1)smaller, 2)better resolution/more pixels, 3)Camera(s)/Video. It would have been nice for more/expandable storage and maybe a few more of the fancy sensors, but I'm doing fine with 4GB of storage in my current phone.

Here's a video of some of the features of the phone.

When watching this video, specifically watch for the weather animation. I absolutely love the rain animation with the water droplets and the windshield wiper

Also, in fairness, because you can actually buy the iPhone 3G through a carrier you pay a lot less (ie $199 & $299). Through you can buy the unlocked version of the Touch Diamond for $789. I know, it's expensive, but I think I'm going to save up for it (after getting some more use out of my current).


maddie said...

I was thinking about getting a new phone. While I was away my sister got a pretty slick one, but my wishes have struck a chord with my conscience as I seem to have been hit with articles like this lately.

Lloyd said...

I like it! A definite consideration when I look for a new phone this fall.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, I'm a pretty huge iPhone fan... but, I gotta admit... the HTC looks nice. If only it had a better OS.

Luke said...

@lukemundy I hear you, although from the looks of it, it appears to be more reliant on HTCs TouchFlo 3D, which is a much prettier interface than anything Microsoft has come out with for mobile phones.

The TouchFlo on my phone is mostly a shortcut menu, most everything is run directly from applications in native Windows Mobile 6.