Saturday, October 25, 2008

No Shave November

As No Shave November quickly approaches (only a week left before I don't shave for a full month), I wanted to make sure everyone out there reading my blog is going to participate (or at the very least knows about it).

Here is the description of No Shave November from the Facebook group:

"Like the name implies there is NO shaving in the month of November.

The rules for those participating are as follows.

Guys - No shaving of the face

Girls - No shaving of the legs

-In the United States - Keep the hair growing until Thanksgiving. (This way you can look fresh and clean for family)

-You are allowed to trim at 15 days, however, this is strongly discouraged.

-Canadians - You are asked to participate until the end of the month, besides, it'll help you stay warm.

you are not interested in participating in No Shave November this year,
there is always next year. Whether or not you participate spread the
Even if you do not want to participate join the group anyways to show your support for those who do."

Be sure to read and subscribe to my blog project for No Shave November ( I will update it throughout the entire month of November.

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