Friday, September 25, 2009

How are your results?

Have you recently searched your name on a search engine? I know it kind of seems fairly egocentric and narcissistic but it is important.

Especially since I am currently job hunting, I decided to search my name recently on the big three search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Here are my results as of this post:

Google - 8, 6, 4
Bing - 10, 6, 1
Yahoo - 10, 6, 2

Numbers are specific results about me on each of the first three pages of the results (each out of 10).

As you can see, Bing and Yahoo are much better on the first page. All three are tied on the second page for numbers of results, and the third page varied.

For marketing purposes it is important to show up at the top of the results, which means the first page and the top of that page. Check out this article (via Seth Godin) about eye tracking studies. So this is a good thing for me, in all three of the top search engines.

However, I kind of feel bad for other anyone else named Luke Moritz, cause I'm getting all the play time. So does this mean that these search engines are actually doing their job? They are showing results for Luke Moritz, and for me they are very relevant, but are they the best they can be?

I guess I'm just hoping that nobody else that shares my name comes along and makes more of a web impact.

What does searching your name give you?


Berger said...

My results

Google: 1, 0, 1
Bing: 0, 1, 1
Yahoo: 0, 3, 3

I'm pretty happy with those results. In the career I'm choosing, I'd prefer to not stand out as much.

Interesting fact: of those five or six different links, all except two of them were from your blog or twitter or the picture of us with our shirts off at the Fresno State game...

Luke said...

Let's clarify... we had our shirts off because we painted our chests. Not because we got arrested for indecent exposure or anything.