Tuesday, May 05, 2009

How I Met Your Mother - S04E22

SPOILER ALERT - The following blog post contains a SPOILER.

If you had a chance to watch How I Met Your Mother on CBS last night you might be wondering some of the same things I am.

When Ted left the apartment and grabbed for his yellow umbrella I thought this might be the episode where he meets his wife. I was a little surprised/disappointed when the woman who they showed at the end was Stella.

I am pretty sure that Stella is not the "Mother" they have showed what the kids would have looked like if Stella was the mother, and they were both blonde and obviously not the same kids we see every week on the couch. As well, I'm sure Stella would have seen Ted's yellow umbrella and noticed it as her umbrella when she spent all the time at his place that she did.

My guess is that Stella will simply be acting as an intermediary to introduce Ted to his future wife.

If you watch HIMYM regularly, or just want to weigh in, what do you think?

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