Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WM6 Outlook Issue

In an attempt to help others that may have run into the same situation I'd like to describe an issue I recently resolved.

I was having trouble with my SMTP outgoing mail with Outlook from my Windows Mobile 6.1 device. I could receive my Gmail messages without a problem, but any time I tried to send a message through Outlook I would get an error telling me to check my connection and/or my settings. It is strange because nothing had really changed on my phone to adjust settings or anything.

I double checked my settings to make sure they were correct, and they were. I was also obviously connected to the Internet because I would be receiving messages in my inbox.

All I had to do to resolve this problem was delete my Gmail account in Outlook and go through the steps found here to set up my account again.

It's a fairly easy fix, so hopefully you found this useful if you ran into the same problem.

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