Saturday, April 25, 2009

DTV Fresno Update

The DTV Transition has been pushed back to June 12th here in the US and there are plenty of commercials and advertisements to let everyone know what's happening. One of them gave me a good idea to re-autoprogram my TV to pick up any new digital channels that may have started since the autoprogram.

Sure enough I found a few new channels. Channels 43.1-43.5 aren't new channels, but they are new on the digital spectrum here in Fresno.


These channels all appear to be owned and/or operated by Cocola Broadcasting Companies.

Not sure how often I will be watching these channels, but one bright spot is KJEO. In the past they have broadcast CFL games, which is the only chance I have to watch CFL games. Now that its in digital it will come in a lot more clearly.

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