Friday, March 21, 2008

Packing Popcorn

At breakfast today I had a revelation (and I think breakfast might be the best time for my revelations). Anyways, I looked beside my cereal bowl and saw one of those large plastic sacks filled with air they use for packing. I got to thinking about shipping and then specifically shipping these air sacks to the places where they ship other stuff.

The shipping of massive amounts of these air sacks would be easy because of how light they are, but their volume would make shipping them expensive and not at all efficient, and not to mention bad for the environment.

So what to do about this...? If you could ship them without the AIR it would make it so much more efficient. But then if you make the customer pump the air into the sacks you add almost half the manufacturing process onto the customer.

You would have to have some sort of self inflation device in each sack. Or if you want to go really environmentally friendly then you could make reusable sacks with blow straws so they could be flattened and inflated over and over again.

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