Friday, July 03, 2009

10 000 miles

In the last month I finally hit the 10 000 mile mark on my Smart Car! It took about 11 months for this feat, and what it means is I was recommended to take my car to the dealership to have the car's first oil change and 10 000 mile service/check-up.

Unfortunately, the closest dealership (and the dealership from where I bought my car) is in San Jose, a mere 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive. It is Smart Center Stevens Creek and it is attached to and a part of the Porsche dealership next door. I was lucky enough to have my brother Andrew come along with me. We made the trek up to San Jose, got to the dealership at 9:00am and let the dealership do there thing. I got the car back shortly before noon, and we were on our way.

The complete work-up cost me about $160.

The dealership did the following on my car:
  • Oil/Filter change
  • Checked the lights
  • Checked and topped up the fluids
  • Checked system components such as wiper blades/hoses/belts/horn/clutch
  • Checked battery
  • Checked tires
  • Checked brakes
  • Checked underbody and exterior trim
  • Washed the exterior of the car
  • Vacuum/clean the interior
I also received a "Know Your Vehicle" pamphlet, which has a lot of good information such as tire tread and brake condition. I'm not sure if this was particularly specific to this dealership or not. The car wash was also nice, and I felt very appreciated by the staff at the Smart Dealership as well as the Porsche Dealership.


Mikkele Suzanne said...

you went in for your first oil change at 10,000 miles? how does that work?

Luke said...

My car uses synthetic oil, and apparently you don't need oil changes nearly as often. And it's a good thing since the dealership is so far away.