Friday, November 14, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Albums

Yes it is getting to that time of the year, and I am so excited for the Christmas season (my favorite time of the year by far).

In honor of the beginning of a season where music has a huge part in defining the atmosphere everywhere, here is a list of my favorite Christmas albums.

These Christmas albums play a big part in the memories of Christmases from years past, and while I have a lot more Christmas albums in my iTunes playlist, without these albums and songs the season would just not be the same.


Krystle said...

So seriously...I can't belive NSYNC Home for the Holidays, Clay Aiken Merry Christmas with Love, and last but not least William Hung: Hung for the Holidays is not on here...I think secretly they are

Christopher said...

How could the Christmas CD I gave you Freshman year not make the list? I'm hurt, Luke.