Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Trip to New Orleans

As I talked a little bit about before, I took a trip to New Orleans earlier this month. I went with my Dad, who was attending the Global Shaklee Conference and along with attending the events and learning about some of the VERY exciting product announcements, we got to see some of the city of New Orleans, LA. We had a few opportunities to walk the historic French Quarter and it was interesting how many places in the downtown corridor I remember from video of the city after Hurricane Katrina.

I'm going to share with you some of the photos I took while in New Orleans.

A big jester in a food court in the Riverwalk Mall

A large fountain with the Mississippi in the background.

Cemeteries are a lot different than what I'm used to seeing. It appears that all graves are above ground. (Possibly due to New Orleans being below sea level?)

A view of the stage at the conference.

My Dad blinged out with all the awards him and my Mom earned over the past year.

The city has amazing color on the buildings, especially in the French Quarter.

Tile street signs on the walls of buildings.

A view of St. Louis cathedral.

There is a lot of wrought iron through New Orleans.

A balcony overlooking Bourbon Street. And yes, those are giant beads.

More color.

Walked down Bourbon street.

More wrought iron.

I was able to try some amazing food while in Louisiana. On this plate is blackened catfish topped with lemon pepper shrimp and crayfish, with a cajun baked potato as a side.

A view of Bourbon street by night. It is a very bustling place.

Dad and I exploring Bourbon Street in the evening.

If I were to describe New Orleans in a phrase, it would be a tropical european city. The architecture (especially in the French Quarter) is very European, but as you walk down the street it is commonplace to see palm trees. The city definitely has a lot of personality, but there are some areas that are boarded up and neglected.

It was a great trip, especially since I got to spend time with my Dad. Living in different parts of the country does not allow a lot of opportunities to see my parents, so it is nice when I get the chance.

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