Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Action

As you hopefully know, the 2010 World Cup is on right now. This is the first World Cup event that I've paid any attention to. Soccer seems to becoming more popular here in North America.

I've watched a number of games, and even woke up early (and missed parts of work) to watch some of the games. Today, however, I have decided to get together with my friend Zach and watch the game together. He has DVRed both the Germany game and the USA game that was on this morning. We've got a whole evening planned around it. The only problem is that to have as much fun watching the game later on, we need to make sure we don't know who won the game.

I've got a number of sports fans in the office, and a large part of my job is watching Twitter and Facebook. This combination makes it very difficult to not know the results. Both Zach and I have made a commitment to not find out the score.

I have posted a sign at my desk, asking people to not tell me the score. I sent out an email to my coworkers to ask them not to talk about the game around me and I have been wearing head phones listening to loud music all day. So far, so good as I still haven't a clue as to the outcome of the games.

I feel very much like the How I Met Your Mother gang in the episode "Monday Night Football" where they all tried to not find out the score of the Superbowl one year so they could watch it together the next day. Ted even created the Sensory Deprivation 5000, which, if you haven't seen the episode is so amazing.

Only 1.5 hours of work left, and I should be generally home free.

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