Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CAHSR - Fresno's Station

California will be getting a station as part of the high speed rail network that is planned for the state. With trains traveling up to 220 miles per hour, high speed rail will move people across this great state very quickly and with a much smaller carbon foot print than other options.

The current plan for Fresno is to have the train come through the city on tracks that are 60 feet in the air! Read Kiel's great blog post talking about the design of the station when considering this extremely tall set of tracks. I find this most intriguing because a)these 60 foot high tracks will be at that level for 12 miles to avoid too large a foot print and b)60 feet is very high, especially considering Fresno only has a handful of buildings taller than this (almost all located within the downtown core).

What do you think?


kiel said...

Thanks for the link. It is an exciting prospect. Hopefully downtown revitalization and the high-speed rail will work in concert to raise land values and encourage taller buildings.

Lloyd said...

Elevating for that length and height seems costly.