Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pecha Kucha Vol. 5 - Fresno

This week was a big week for me as I FINALLY presented at a Pecha Kucha event here in Fresno.

I have had some ideas in the past as to what I would present if I ever decided to do so, so I finally decided to share some of my passion with the people of Fresno.

Watch my presentation here, thanks to James for putting this video together!

I think my presentation went well. I got a lot of compliments, and a fairly boisterous applause at the end (although I think I am attributing that to the 10-20 friends in the audience). My height was a disadvantage during the presentation, as I was probably the tallest presenter, and the mic was a little short (and I didn't bother raising it up). But overall I am very glad I presented, and I am looking forward to the the next time I can present.


Mikkele Suzanne said...

awesome presentation! have you read suburban nation yet? i think you'd really like it.

Luke said...

Thanks Mikkele! I have not read Suburban Nation yet, it was on my Christmas wish list though. It is definitely on my list of books to read. Hope you are enjoying the urban lifestyle in Amsterdam!